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Employers play a crucial role in supporting young adults to progress, not only do they provide work experience, work place visits, talks, mock interviews and job opportunities, they also provide knowledge, expertise and guidance on what employers are looking for when recruiting.

As well as financial stability, structure and routine, employment brings personal and emotional benefits. These include feelings of legitimacy and purpose leading to self-belief and self-worth, changed attitudes to crime, longer term thinking, and ultimately, a commitment not to re-offend or relapse.

There are also business benefits in working with specialist intermediaries, such as Black Country Talent Match, to employ ex-offenders and young adults who have previously experienced multiple barriers when entering the world of work. Working in partnership with the programme can help bridge the skills gap and find a solution to the immediate need for skills and labour. Employing those furthest from the labour market also generates social value and helps to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility whilst meeting the requirements of the Social Value Act.

In our experience, in many cases businesses gain, committed, loyal employees, who with further training and support, can add long-term value to the company.

If you are looking for a new pool of skilled, enthusiastic people to work for your business, we can help.

At Black Country Talent Match we have a wide range of applicants with various skills and qualifications looking for a range of opportunities. To hear more about the programme and to get involved contact 01902-328973 or

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