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We are a voluntary programme and anyone can submit a referral for Black Country Talent Match support.

Talent Match

Talent Match is open to referrals from private, statutory and community organisations as well as self referrals. If you are a Young Adult please submit your enquiry below.

Upon receipt of the referral form, the Relationship and Referral Coordinator will process the application, inviting the Young Adult to a group information session or a one-to-one meeting at one of the local Hubs to find out more about the Talent Match offer. The Relationship and Referral Coordinator is the single point of contact for all referrals. If you require further information about Talent Match or clarity around a specific referral please do not hesitate to contact us.

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You can complete a full referral form by clicking the button to the right. This will allow you to submit your full details to Talent Match and enable us to fully engage with you.

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