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Young people engage, participate and
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Youth Voices are heard
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Talent Match was co-designed from inception with young people, a programme to think differently and find new ways of helping those young people furthest away from the labour market to find opportunities and long term, gainful employment. There were some fundamental values the programme held from the offset, amongst them included the involvement of young people at all levels in the decision making process.

From being part of the recruitment process for all the programmes staff, being the majority voice in the project’s governance through the Talent Match Steering Group, to always co-designing and making informed decisions about the tailored support they receive. This is always to support the basis that young people are truly the experts through their own experiences, who else could know better the needs of the individual.

By returning control of young people’s informed decisions to them the programme and young people have learned a great deal through test and learn about what really works and creates positive, long term outcomes. We have found opportunities for young people to share their experiences and have a voice, not just within the project governance but on a local, regional and national level. From contributing to APPG’s (All Party Parliamentary Groups) in the Houses of Parliament, national youth conferences, regional events and local community groups, the aim is to always engage young people with decision makers to have a voice and help inform constructive decisions for the future.

For many, Talent Match has been a safety net helping those who have fallen through the system find themselves once more and have a shot at living a positive life. From disabilities to social barriers, unemployment to convictions, Talent Match has seen and helped them all while continuing to empower a voice for young people.

I am one of thousands of Young People who have benefitted from Talent Match’s tireless efforts. I am one of thousands of people who were forgotten by the system.

Young people have been told for generations what best suits them, from training to work, life choices to goals, everyone always knows better than the person whose life it is right? Wrong. Generations of young people have proved that this level of thinking never works. It is crucial for young people to make their own informed decisions and for others to listen. Each person on the programme understands their goals and barriers. Listen and help find ways to overcome barriers and make a road map to our goals.

Lucy Simpson – Steering Group Co Chair

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